Public Heritage Buildings Sydney


The urban landscape is a living monument and through the architecture of our public heritage buildings like schools and hospitals, we are both visited by and enhanced from the meanings and stories they contain.

As with every project we undertake, we have developed a complete service that ensures your project is managed in house by a single head of department guiding an entire team through every aspect of your project, from minor repairs to high performance double glazing, painting, fitout, windows, doors, floors and more. Heritage projects are a detailed niche that requires precision, an embedding of the ethos of old school methods for old school problems, combined with current, sophisticated technology and wisdom.

To truly restore and preserve for generations to come, the work must be done right the first time. So, for example, you’ve got to be willing to strip the windows right down and rebuild them, not just fill gaps and paint. This extra work at the outset ensures that you won’t have to redo the work in three years time, and it’s this methodology that we bring to every project and what enables us to provide industry leading guarantees.

Getting Started

Throughout Sydney, Sash Masters creates a quality-finished product that combines an unrivalled client-based service with seamless and fluent solutions tailored for architects, construction professionals, builders, heritage consultants, owner’s corporations, strata management and luxury homeowners. Our all in one service is designed to make every aspect of your heritage restoration, large or small, seamless and predictably successful.




  Heritage Conservation.

  Performance Upgrading.

  High Performance Glazing.

  Carpentry Fitout.

  Replacement Joinery.

  Window Assessments.

  Condition Reports.

  Project Management.