Prestige Heritage Homes Sydney


The visual luxury of your heritage home must be matched with executive levels of comfort, style and performance. Our in-house, complete service is tailored to deliver maximum efficiency in all three areas of cost, time and results and caters for everything from repair work to replacement, performance upgrading, thermal efficiency and soundproofing.

All of our processes and products have been perfected over the course of more than two decades and are not only approved, but also highly recommended by English Heritage, the caretakers of over 400 historical monuments, buildings and places throughout the United Kingdom. We have held true to traditional joinery methodology, which requires dedication to detailed and complex work and combined this with the best of modern products and technology.

The end result is the performance of a brand new window or door that will last long into the next century, whilst retaining the character and charm of your Heritage Property.

Getting Started

Throughout Sydney, Sash Masters creates a quality-finished product that combines an unrivalled client-based service with seamless and fluent solutions tailored for architects, construction professionals, builders, heritage consultants, owner’s corporations, strata management and luxury homeowners. Our all in one service is designed to make every aspect of your heritage restoration, large or small, seamless and predictably successful.




  Heritage Conservation.

  Performance Upgrading.

  High Performance Glazing.

  Carpentry Fitout.

  Replacement Joinery.

  Window Assessments.

  Condition Reports.

  Project Management.