How long will it take Sash Masters to complete our project?

All projects vary in their size and complexity. A detailed site assessment will provide us with the necessary information to prepare all aspects of your project, including expected timelines.

What will I notice about the temperatures inside once my windows are restored?

Depending on the degree of decay or damage your unrestored windows were suffering from, you will notice varying degrees of significant temperature control. In summer, the hot air, and in winter, the cold air. will be kept outside. This will reduce your energy expenses and challenges to maintain temperature control through the building.

What areas of Sydney do you service?

Sash Masters service all areas of Sydney, dependant to some degree on the size and scope of the project. Please note that we do not service terraces or cottages.

What insurances do you carry?

All necessary insurances are held for our licences to be upheld.

What restoration services are you not able to provide?

We specialise in windows, doors and internal fitouts and as such, do not restore structural elements of the building.

How long until you are able to begin work on our project?

This is determined by size and scope of project, however, usually once the project has been confirmed for commencement and the deposit paid, a start and completion date will be given.