Commercial Heritage Buildings Sydney


Aside from the unique scope and technical difficulty associated with your commercial heritage building, there are all the considerations that need to be balanced around trading, client and customer safety and a particular emphasis on time.

To ensure that all of these are handled with precision in detail and care, we have built a complete in-house service and highly experienced team to address every component of the works, keeping communication, execution and delivery seamless and stress-free.

With a strong focus on sustainability, we look to all possibilities for renovation over replacement. Our specialist craftsmen have decades of experience working with and elevating existing materials, which requires considerably less finance and resources than replacing them with new ones. This minimises your costs and the harmful impact on the environment, making the process of your restoration mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Getting Started

Throughout Sydney, Sash Masters creates a quality-finished product that combines an unrivalled client-based service with seamless and fluent solutions tailored for architects, construction professionals, builders, heritage consultants, owner’s corporations, strata management and luxury homeowners. Our all in one service is designed to make every aspect of your heritage restoration, large or small, seamless and predictably successful.




  Heritage Conservation.

  Performance Upgrading.

  High Performance Glazing.

  Carpentry Fitout.

  Replacement Joinery.

  Window Assessments.

  Condition Reports.

  Project Management.